Question overheating of cpu on turbo boost, PC shutting down

Jan 18, 2022
I have a problem with overheating of cpu. Cpu is ryzen 5 3550h(gtx 1650). The problem is while I enable turbo boost, it increases to 100, which follows to shutting the computer. Why it increases so sharply?


Laptops are well known for overheating. There is typically very little that can be done from a form/hardware point of view.

A few tips.

With the computer off, get some canned air and blow out your vents.
Make sure you are hearing fan(s) run while started.
Do not use the device on top of blankets, bed, carpet, etc. Place it on a clean flat surface. There are "laptop coolers" that may or may not help the situation. Most of them are snake oil or simply to keep your legs from getting too hot.

You could attempt to lower settings for the graphics card as well in relation to the fact that it's likely sharing the same cooler and even if not a very small and poorly vented area (as most laptops are).

If this is an older unit you could check to see if the thermal paste is cracked and dry. If you are not versed in disassembly of mobile devices you likely don't want to take that on, best to hire a pro.