Overheating problem causeing crashes and shutdowns


Jan 31, 2010
hi this is my first post sorry if its a bit of a dumb post but lately my system has been over heating everytime i try to play any games which for the past year and a half have been playing fine and i have never once had a overheating problem now i think i know how i have caused the problem but i have no idea how to fix it. it all started overheating after i took off the cooler from my cpu and i decided i would apply a new layer of thermal paste by the way the reason i did this was i wanted to clean my system and my system temps had started to rise slowly over the year and a half since i got my machine but anyway and since i reapplyed the new thermal paste it has been running on very high temps 50-55c idle and raising to 90+ when playing games i think the paste is the problem becuase it is one of those cheap pastes although im not 100 percent but also my cooler is a artic cooler freezer 7 pro which a friend of mine said wasnt very good at keeping your system cool and that it was the cooler that was causing the overheating and that i should get a new cooler so what do you think should i get a new cooler or just buy a more decent paste and do you think it is the paste causing the overheating problem by the way this is the paste i used http://www.ebuyer.com/product/72291 thanks for helping :)


Oct 18, 2008
Well the paste you have linked is cack, no doubt.
However even with the worst paste imaginable you should still have resonable temps.
Clean the heatsink and re-apply a think layer (paper thin - spread it with card) to the CPU.


Nov 2, 2008
The arctic cooler is a great HSF. While there are some newer ones that perform better, it certainly isn't the issue here.

The grease will be enough to get the job done. There are better, but unless you're trying to max out your CPU potential, shouldn't effect but a few degrees between the top stuff and the stuff you bought.

Could be the fan on the Arctic Freezer failed or became unplugged. Run the system with the side of the case off and make sure it is spinning.

The other possibility is installation error. Heres a guide for paste application:

There's lots of other good info about the different paste if you care.

Here's a guide from our own tecmo34 that he put a lot of work into. Might give some other hits for you: