[SOLVED] Overheating?

Sep 26, 2018
Overclocked my i7-8700k to 4.8mhz and 3.4v (3.5 would overheat immediately under stress test and 3.3 would crash). I'm able to stress stress AIDA64 for about a min a two, this is while it fluctuates between 70c and 90c constantly, before cpu would throttle and overheat. I would then just stop the test since I dont want hardware to mess up. I spent a lot of money on this rig.

Is this bad? I'm fairly new to over clocking so I'm open to take as much advice as possible, except replacing hardware since I dont have the time to do so.

Edit: I tried out Prime95 and I am having constant 70c, it would then crash after a min or so.

Edit: Solved by my self but can't find a way to delete the thread

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