Overloading memory controller ?


Dec 3, 2011
This might be a stupid question but bear with me, this is the only problem i have with this computer. My wife and I daily access 5+ web boards regarding cars and computers and all of them have many pictures, icons and all kinds of crap that open up when you access their site. Most of the sites will open the first time all black and white then the color pops in, once you open the site and go to another and then back it pops open no lag time like. This bugs the crap out of me, is this normal or do i have a graphics , internet or memory problem.
My system is aGatewayy DX-4850-27e, it came with 6gb of ddr3 ram, with my wife doing photo editing and this machine having on board graphics, i decided with ram so cheep i purchased two sets of G.Skill F3-10600CL9D-8GBNT.
The memory controller shouldn't be the problem. It is capable of much more than what you have running.

I have never heard of such a problem before. You might want to check your graphics, display, and the connection between the graphics and display.

Did this problem only start happening after the RAM upgrade? it is possible that the memory is directly/indirectly responsible but this is an odd problem.