Overpriced piece of junk!


Disclaimer: Canadians beware, the viewing of this pricing contains mature content and reader discretion is advised.

<A HREF="http://www.shoprbc.com/ca/shop/product_details.php?pid=3444" target="_new">http://www.shoprbc.com/ca/shop/product_details.php?pid=3444</A>
My local shop has the 256MB Ultras, and boy, the currency conversion at the Canadian distributors SUCKS! They use a ratio far higher than even 1.5 which is no longer that! (It is actually 1.6 on the pricing!)

My god, nVidia IS on a suicide mission with its manus!
And here I was hoping the new Canadian dollar would make prices even lower for new products. :frown:

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Poor Canadians. Not only do they have Quebec...but now THIS?

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Oct 29, 2002
hahahaha that cost more htan my whole computer did new!

(minus the exploded 8500le and replacement ti4200)

and yes Canadian pricing SUCKS. you guys can get a TI4200 for what, 75 bucks? using <A HREF="http://www.xe.com/ucc/" target="_new"> this </A> currency converter it equals out to about 110$ canadian.

the cheapest i could find was at ncix.com for 188 dollars, which equals $135.00 USD

thats like, quite a price difference eh?


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