Overvolting or overheating is the deal?


Jan 10, 2009
So basically what i can't answer to myself is this:
when overclocking Is the actual overvoltage (i.e the strong electrical current) that's killing the CPU or the heat dissipated from the current? I'm thinking is high voltage OK as long as you can deal with the heat(i assume high voltage... well... more than 1.3625 on the Wolfdale and Penryn). I've read opinions where they comment on overclocking results with "1.5 vcore on a 45 nm? that one's not gonna live for a long time", but on the other hand i've seen 1.82 Vcore on wolfdale with liquid nitrogen. So is this an answer that as long as u deal with the heat(liquid nitrogen apparently does) your CPU will be ok. Btw i know what Vcore is recommended for 45nm.