Question Own i7 6700 or new Ryzen 2600x


Mar 6, 2017
Hey there,

A friend has been gaming for a few years on a pre-built and is now looking to build his first pc. As you would expect from a pre-built, many components are too low quality to be reused. However, he is rocking the i7 6700, which isn’t completely outdated yet. He is now dubbing to either buy a Ryzen 2600x with a new motherboard, or a z270 motherboard for the i7 6700 and use it for a bit longer, which is the cheaper option. The downside of that is that with the z270 the maximum upgrade in 1 or 2 years would be an i7 7700k.

He is planning on playing 144hz 1080p or possibly 1440p and will pair the CPU with a RTX 2070.

Thus, my question to you is, what would you do, upgrade just the motherboard which will limit him from potential future CPU upgrades after the i7 6700 gets too outdated. Or, upgrade the CPU to a Ryzen 2600x and a new motherboard? How will the i7 6700 hold up for the coming years, and will it bottleneck the RTX 2070 too much?

Thanks in advance boys!
for that resolution the i7 6700 is plenty , i am using an i5 6600 myself.

144hz for triple a games is a little steep. but 100+ is easily doable and to be honest.... the jump for 60 to 100 is way more noticeable then from 100 to 144hz. I would get that 2070 and see what he gets.