Question p .bu files appearing randomly on desktop


Dec 4, 2015
I have had a normal computer operation for as long as I can remember. Built this PC myself and it runs smoothly. However over the past few days I have noticed the appearance of files starting with p followed by a number .bu on my desktop. I ran multiple full scans with kaspersky and it has always turned up with a no threats found result. I have attempted to delete the files multiple times but they continue to pop back up. I have some saved backups of my computer I could revert to but I am curious as to what might be causing this. Any thoughts?
While typing this post I noted an extreme lag and lack of computing power which I had not experienced before. Extreme lagging and very obvious that something was chewing up my 6 cores and 16 gb of ram. Was able to finally access task manager and Prime95 was open and running despite not ever being activated. Very curious. I am uninstalling and will see if that solves this very random problem.