P180 and Seasonic 600W PSU - cooling??


Jan 7, 2006
I've been looking at the design of the PSU and case I want (Antec P180 and Seasonic S12 600W PSU). However I noticed that the PSU's intake for air is in the top/bottom (depending which way up you have it) and not on the opposite side to the cable and therefore the airflow is not straight through.
Having looked at the case online it doesn't look like there is hugh amounts of space for the air to circulate around the PSU and am concerned that these two in conjunction will make more noise as the fans will probably running faster to keep things cool enough and forcing air around the sides of the PSU rather than some of it through it may also generate more noise.
Thoughts please? has anyone got this combination already or for that matter any PSU in the P180 that has the same design? Is this a problem?
Any help most appreciated.


Dec 21, 2005
I have an Enermax Liberty 620W and it runs very quiet. There is a case fan between the main HDD cage & PSU so you sorta have 2 fans cooling the PSU. This runs very quiet and temps are fine w/ fans on low unless u start pushing.


Jan 9, 2006
The Seasonic S12 line is one of the most efficient lines made. The higher the efficiency the less heat produced and the cooler the PSU runs. It recieved the Tom's Hardware recommendation after the 24 hour stress test.

"The results from our 6-week Live Stress Test from the THG Lab in Munich are now all in. The soundless Fortron FSP300-60GNF was unphased throughout the Stress Test and offers terrific efficiency that is unparalleled in the 300 watt class. Another argument in its favor is its inexpensive price for a passive power supply of $95.

The second award goes to the Seasonic S12 in the 600 watt class. This power supply is a favorite for its extraordinarily high efficiency of 83.4 percent and its quiet operation, even at full load. Compared to competitors it is low-priced at $140."