P182 and P5K Premium: Fan Connections


Jun 21, 2007
I chose all the components and my local store assembled them together for me.

The MB is P5K Premium and when I finally got my PC home, I opened it up and I noticed that only 2 fans were connected to the MB: CPU fan and Cha_Fan3. The CPU fan is connected to the CPU and Cha-Fan3 is connected to the 4th chassis fan (P182, I asked them to install another 120mm TriCool Fan to the upper HD cage).

Should I connect the other fans to the Cha-Fan1, 2, 4? If so, what are the advantages? In the P182 case, I can control the fan speeds of the rear fan and top fan via 2 controls in the back panel. Is there any way I can control the speeds of the lower chamber fan and the 4th fan without opening the case?

Should I connect the PSU fan cable to PWR-Fan?


Oct 21, 2007
You can adjust the speed of the fans connected to your motherboard - CH_FAN 1, 2, etc, via speedfan or the like. Unless you have a fan speed controller (Ie, a physical one, in the 5-1/4" bay or something) , it's advisable that you plug them into the motherboard, so that you can change the speed.