Nov 27, 2003
Read some reviews, use google.
For gaming A64, for encoding P4

Toms Hardware Site is a joke !
Looks like intel spent more on bribing reviewers to cover up it aint that great than they did in R&D, you know what im talking about Tom !


Aug 2, 2002
I would definetly get the A64. Even if it's slower in encoding (And who needs to encode that much???), the A64 is faster in gaming (where CPU power counts for the majority of home users) and it is 64bit ready! This increase is lifespan. And Socket754 can be upgraded up to Athlon 64 3700+ which is another advantage for the A64.

A7N8X / <font color=green><b>AMD Sempron 2800+</b></font color=green>
Kingston DDR333 2x256Megs
<font color=red>Radeon 8500 128Megs</font color=red> @ C:275/M:290


intel cpu$ + motherboard$=$out of your pocket
amd cpu$ + motherboard$=$out of your pocket

Both will give you similar performance, pick up a good motherboard with the feature you need and the combo that will let you with more money in your pocket! I'm a bit more over AMD thou. Because I usualy get more fore my money and where the P4 excel, in encoding task, well, I simply dont stay in front of my computer to watch it doing that...I usually do that at night, or I go out, or I watch a, when I come back to my computer, then it is all done and is waiting for me, so the couples of minutes more it takes doesnt mather too much...

As for game, it is real time faster experience with the AMD. But not in all game, but for most of them.

With the AMD, if you have a spare HD, you can play with the beta version of windows xp 64 bits and new 64 bits drivers trying to make it work ...well or sort of, so, when it will be out, you'll have some experience with it already.

I'm in the process of building myself an AMD 64 computer because:

1-the money I save taking this road
2-Always had AMD based computer and zero problem so far so I guess that they are not that bad
3-Want to get some experience with WinXP64 bits
4-AMD case stickers looks better than Intel's one

This is the parts I'll use for my next computer

AMD64 cpu, either a 3000+ or a 3200+ (Depend of my budget)
Soltek K8AN2E-GR motherboard (nforge3 250Gb ...with Gbe, firewall, RAID,..,check it at newegg)
1 Gigs of RAM, with my Corsair twinX memory from my current computer
2 X 160 Gigs Seagate SATA drive
ATI All-in Wonder 9600XT (faster than the 9600xt and with VIVO, TV tuner,FM radio tuner, already have it in my current computer and run great, silent and cool)
And the other parts from my current computer...

-Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!