P2P Lag


Hey Guys, I have been trying to figure this out for weeks now and I am just plain out of ideas, and hope.

My brother and I live about 20 miles apart and we play a lot of online games, such as ME3, Space Marine, MW3, BLOPS zombies. We play a lot of private matches. We both have the high end cable internet package docsis 3.0 modems 20mbs down and 2mbs up. Trouble is when we play games on our own everything works fine, but when we play P2P with each other one of us lags like crazy. His provider is Comcast mine is Optimum. It seems there is some type of communication issue between Optimum and Comcast. I mean we are only 20 miles apart yet when we play a P2P game the ping is like 800. When my friend hosts who has the cheap AT&T DSL 5mbs down and .75mbs up we can both connect with no issues and ping of like 50. When I play with other friends that are on Optimum everything is fine ping of like 50.

When I ping his modem directly it comes back in like 12ms. And when I run trace route there are only like 5 hops.

Anyone have any ideas why an Optimum modem gets such a bad P2P connection to a Comcast modem?


continually ping his ip with this command "ping /t xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" sometimes is help with latency, it could be some kind of packet filtering or shaping. also try pinging your internet ip's route ip with the same command (so if your internet ip is for e.g ping to using the ping /t command)