Aug 25, 2007
P35-DS3R, rev 3.3, 965P-S3 is at F12.

First a super easy question: on cold boot, when it shows "Memory Testing : " then just sit there w/o changing for about 70 seconds. Is that normal, and if not, what up? :) (And can the mem test be turned off?)

I have attempted to install 64 bit Vista, and the sucker just won't boot. I read about the hotfix need for > 2 gig of ram, so I pulled one stick out (went from 4 to 2g), but it doesn't help.

Booting in safe mode, it stops after 2nd module (ntoskrnl.exe), never to return.

you mention 2 boards.

Did you reset your bios?
The option for ram is called quick boot. should be in there somewhere

If you are crashing. maybe your ram is not getting enough voltage. Some ram wants 2.0-2.2 volts to run @ its rated 800(if thats what you are doing). By default most if not all boards(p35 ds3r does) runs the ram @ 1.8-1.9 volts this just wont cut it when the ram wants to run 800 @ 4,4,4,10.

Try to go into the bios and hit ctrl + f1 then go to mit and set the ram voltage to 2.0(or whatever your ram says it needs). You can also change the ram ratio(they call it 2 i think on the p35) to make it run slower(but in time with the 266 @ stock) needing less voltage with almost no impact on performance with core 2 cpus.

Hope this helps