P35 Platinum issues


Jul 30, 2007
Having a couple of issues with a P35 Platinum board (MS-7345).

1. I can't get Vista to install as an upgrade to my current WinXP; it says the BIOS doesn't support ACPI. Wellll, the BIOS 'says' it supports ACPI, it's turned on, etc. etc. But Vista won't go. I've toggled every setting on the Power Management screen, with no change in the results. I've also upgraded to the (supposedly dangerous) latest BIOS version, but still have the same problem. Any suggestions? The included CD contains a bunch of Vista drivers and such, so I'm pretty sure this board should support Vista.

2. No sound. I've tried to install the sound driver from the utility disk, but it aborts at some point with an error. Now the option is greyed out, and does nothing from the setup program on the install CD. I can't uninstall the 'Audio device on the HD audio Bus' device directly from the devices list because it says the device 'may be required to boot the computer'. God I hope it isn't :) It is marked with a yellow !; it obviously has problems. I've also tried downloading new drivers from the Realtek site, and they also abort at some point in the install process. Any idea how I can either resolve this, or at least get the partially-installed device out of the list so I can start over from scratch?

Thanks for any help!


May 22, 2007
What version of WindowsXP do you have? Not sure but I thought I read you can not upgrade XP pro versions to Vista, only XP Home. If you have XP Pro, I think you need to do a complete install of Vista.

Regarding the sound problem, try downloading the Windows Software Removal tool from the Microsoft web site. Had a similar problem with a different type of software and it managed to complete the uninstall process and was able to do the re-install without any problems.

Hope this helps.

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