P4 2.4B overclocking - how far on stock air?

Got an older system with a failing intel branded i845pe motherboard, a P4 2.4b and a stick of 512mb DDR333, ill be buying a new ASUS P4P800S-X (i848pe, no dual channel - cant use it anyhow and its on special where im getting it), how far would this processor go when overclocking on stock air cooling?

P4 2.4B (2400/533/512k)
Intel i848pe (ASUS P4P800S-x, soon)
512mb DDR333 Generic


Sep 12, 2001
I only managed about 2700Mhz on my 2.4b, but i still think that might be due to the SiS648 based motherboard. Although i wouldnt expect massive clocks from a 2.4b anyway.