P4 2.53 Ghz Heat range


Jun 18, 2005
Hii Everyone, well I've had this P4 2.53, now it's strating to have some problems, I never monitored the TEmps before, but since it began Randomly restarting when playing Games like WoW- BF2 demo .... I'm monitoring it wiith " Speedfan 4.24 ", It's indicating Temps ranging From 40°-52° While IDle or Surfring.

And while Gaming , generally it's 65-75° and it restarts in about 10 minutes because it reaches 80 °. Soo I thought Unmount the CPU Fan and Heatsink And buy a Zalman 7000 CNPS 7000B, so I bought it, installed it, and The TEmps are exactly in the same RAnge.

For a Cold Start-up i'm directly @ 40° and it's still restart while gaming with temps of 75°
I never overclocked it, The "Speedfan 4.24 " is indicating

CPU fan : 2400 RPM ( i Set it manually too max )
Vcore1 : 1,50 v
Vcore2 : 1,78v
+3,3 v : 3,42 v
+5 v : 5,13
+12 v : 11,90 v
-12v : 0.72 v
-5v : -5,31 v
+5v : 5,11 v
vbat : 3,12v

So that's it, another Thing I tried was " Load FAilsafe Settings " In bios. When I do that a Virus Message pops up directly on Boot " before loading windows" saying : " Trend ChipAwayVirus has detected a boot virus on your Hard disk", If i reload " optimised Settings the message does not Appear. WTF is happening too my Pc *cryyyy*.


Jun 18, 2005
Hey, Yes i cleaned the CAse, but I applied the Thermal Grease that comes with the Zalman on the CPU IHS but i didn't do any cleaning for the core.


Sep 17, 2004
Your monitoring softrware is probably incorrect. I doubt that you are getting the actual temps. Your random reboots are probably due to a bad PSU.

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Feb 6, 2004
This is odd. First, check if the heatsink gets hot to the touch. IF its cool to touch, either you are getting misreadings, or there is a problem transferring the heat from the cpu to the HSF. I would bet on the latter. are you sure both surfaces where clean ? You did remove any foil or gump or whatever ? There is not a pricing sticker on the cpu's heatspreader anymore ? Does the heatsink properly make contact with the cpu ? HAve someone else check your HSF installation..

If the heatsink indeed gets hot, you have a more serious problem, your cpu or MB might be dying.

Don't worry about the virus 'virus' report though, its meaningless. Just disable boot sector virus detection in the BIOS, its useless.

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