p4 3.06 worth fooling with?


Dec 23, 2005
I wound up with an extra p4 3.06 533 fsb and was wondering if there were any mobo's available that would make it worth while building a system with. Or is it too old and limited to work with. I was thinking of a moderate gaming rig. By the way are there any good system building guides around since I've been reading these forums for awhile and now i'm copletely lost.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the 3.06 533 is only good for one thing:

as a space heater

All joking aside you are better off selling it on ebay or something.

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That is a good suggestion but for about the same amount of $$$$ you would spend on that board + all the stuff to make a complete system out of it you could get an Athlon 64 939 with PCI-E :-D

The socket 478 is rather obsolete. The AMD socket 939 at least has some life left in it.

Of course ASUS makes some of the BEST nForce4 boards on the market :-D

Like the ASUS A8N5X Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail which sells for only $92.00 USD :-D


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If you are saying sell the Intel, and put that money with the money you would have spent, I would say he will get a much better system. Problem is, not everyone likes to sell on e-bay. (or even at all).
The GD1 is a good board, and with a desent gfx card, it will give years of happy use. I would rather have one of the newer crossfire chipset boards and an A64 3500, but I have no problem selling stuff.


Selling it on ebay was just a thought. Since some people hate ebay and since ebay charges a lot of $ these days I would say sell it through an auction site online or craigslist or something or to someone you know offline. Another option is to donate it and write it off come tax time :)

Yet another option is to keep it as a backup in case some other system breaks and needs a CPU down the road but in the meantime it would be sitting there collecting dust and probably depreciating rapidly.

The problem with many Intel CPUs is they suck so much energy that with energy prices being what they are right now if you did put that CPU to use it could cost you a small fortune over it's lifetime.

AMD CPUs tend to be much more efficient, although they too consume quite a bit of energy.

For the record I am not a tree hugging nut case, I just like to try and conserve energy whenever possible :)

Speaking of conserving energy we could all turn a few lights off here and there and use fluorescent instead of incandescent bulbs for starters :)

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That processor is worth more than a P4 3.2. It performs significantly worse than a P4 3.2, but its value as an upgrade processor simply means you're better off selling it and buying a P4 3.2 for a new build.

But considering the rarity of high-speed northwoods, the extra heat of the Prescotts, etc, you could simply sell the CPU and spend the money buying an Athlon 64 and cheap motherboard.