P4 Cel 520 = 2x 1G P3


Oct 20, 2002
The new Prescot P4 Cel 520 with 256 L2 cashe and 533 bus is a good cheap upgrade option from the P3 1G.

Game tests twice as fast and easily upgraded to the P4 later.

Why people spend approx same money to upgrade lower spec PCs to 1Ghz is a waste of money!

I went for the intel upgrade over the AMD as there will be/are heaps more P4 CPU's available to buy secondhand later to upgrade (3-3.4Ghz), than AMD's.

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Jan 15, 2002
A Mobile Barton along with a NF7-S would have been a much better choice, more bang for bucks...

If you factor in the overclocking potential using low end air cooling, there is no way a Celeron can even come close to a Mobile Barton.

Glad to see that you are proud of your Celeron, it is your money after all...

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Jun 8, 2001
One of the few things Intel has over the older AMD line, AND I MEAN OLDER, is the SSE2 instructions.

Price/Performace unless for specific use has not been superior to AMD since the P4's started (about).

Further, Intel never gives you a price break on stuff exiting the production cycle. Upgrading to max ur mobo capacity is always expensive with Intel. I know, I have a mobo someone gave me for a P4 and I can't justify buying a cpu for it cause the value given by AMD for the same price is just way too good.

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Oct 20, 2002
Slight correction 320(soc478) not 520, but with the same specs.

Also, this chip has SSE3 instuctions not the previous northwood SSE2.

I agree that AMD is faster for $$$ but for upgrade later, the higher availability of secondhand genuine P4 3.0/3.4 CPU's is a consideration factor.

New games run fine with the 320 (256 L2 cashe, 533 FSB) for now, but I guess if $$ is no problem, P4 or high spec AMD is the way to go in the first place.

Celeron seems to have a bad reputation, that when most people hear the word Celeron they always think of the crap PII or PIII's.

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The P2 celerons were okay, on average, some good, some terrible. The P3 celerons were great. Most could oc by 1/4, some by 1/3, and some even more.
The P4 celery was utter crap. It was so starved for bandwidth, I dont know why it didn't die from malnutrition.
Now the prescott celerons are out. They are a good chip, just a little overpriced. Like most here, I would recommend an xp-m chip. They are cheaper, and can be "adjusted" to speeds that will equal any stock s478.
chip. Sure it's nice to be able to upgrade the chip, but it is better to have a chip that will give you the upgraded perf, in the first place, and at a lower cost.
By the way, the CeleronD has bothe SSE2 and SSE3. SSE3 does little but fix some problems of SSE2.


Dec 31, 2007
Here's mine:

<A HREF="http://img136.exs.cx/img136/4376/cpuz4wk.gif" target="_new">http://img136.exs.cx/img136/4376/cpuz4wk.gif</A>
<A HREF="http://img136.exs.cx/img136/601/probe3ld.gif" target="_new">http://img136.exs.cx/img136/601/probe3ld.gif</A>

CPUZ reads core voltage on Asus P5GD boards incorrectly, it is running at 1.4v

Those temps are using the stock intel cooler.

It's actually a 330J, so it has NX-bit and the new thermal management.

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