p5b-deluxe nightmare, can anyone help???


Dec 19, 2006
Ok I've about had it with this board... So after all the issues with getting this board booted some time ago and then ordering a new board and having even more troubles with that one(switching out ram to get a good boot etc.. and having to use a different ram stick to boot almost every time) I finally got this thing running stable (or so I thought?). It's been up and running for a little over a month now stable at 3.5ghz. So I'm using my pc yesterday and I start up firefox and get an error...so I tried it again and another error... then I had another error popup on my screen before my pc decided to reboot. When it rebooted it went through the windows bootup process then bluescreen at the login screen...'irql not les than or equal too' or something like that....so it rebooted again... and AGAIN at the login screen I get another error message 'memory handling error' ok... so then I go into bios and adjust the vcore voltage to 1.48 and booted into windows, got passed the login screen and then BOOM another freaking bluescreen. So THEN I lowerd my nbcore and raised my memory core and I got into windows finally... BUT NOW my network card can't get an ip address from my router and I have no sound. No audio device found is what I get... and my NIC card is there but it cannot acquire an IP... So I uninstall my sound card and nic card and reboot again... but before it boots I go into bios to set my settings back to the original voltages and settings... (385x8, vcore 1.4625, memory@2.25, sb 1.65) ok so now I boot into windows and YAY my sound card is there, but my nic still cannot get an IP. So removed and installed my NIC yet AGAIN and BOOM my sound and NIC are both gone once again... I'm stumped. I even defragged and then uninstalled and reinstalled the nic/sound again to no avail... ANY IDEAS?!?!
I'm at my witts end, I don't know if this is an issue with my OS or if this really is a motherboard issue or a PSU(which I highly doubt) or what????


Nov 30, 2006
If you're trying to solve a problem you should disable any ocing and don't enable it again till you're sure that the problems are gone. It may be that the board is bad or the chipset is too hot. It may even be a memory problem.
Yes, run everything at stock and run memtest86, prime95, etc. and see if you can find the weak point. Slowly OC by increments and repeat the above testing until you find what is going wrong.

Also, list your full specs so we can furhter help you (RAM, PSU, VGA, OS, etc.).