P5B OnBoard Sound crackling...my solution


Dec 5, 2006
I have read so many posts and googled so many words about this problem that, now that I have found one solution (referenced only in one of the 1000 posts I have read), I must absolutly try to help some of you who hear this f...g crakling onboard sound. This is a real solution even if I can t explain why it s working (well I m not an electronic engeneer).
(sorry for my bad english)

My symptoms :
Onboard sound is crackling. Even and particulary on the desktop. And when I move my mouse (moving a window for example) the crackling is worse. Crackling occurs with headphone and 5.1 speakers

My tries :
- I have tried 4 differents bios : 05XX 0711 0806 0904 => no effect
- I have tried 5 differents drivers : 4530 4560 4570 4580 official and unofficial. With and whitout the Soudmax panel (what a piece of s..t) => no effect

My fisrt workaround
My first working solution (the one that perhaps you can use if the last one isn't working) was to use the sound panel (window's one) not SoundMax's one (never ever run this sound panel. It sets my settings to default and I have to redo thsi workaround)
So Under volume control, soundmax drivers have placed a new button. Click this button and you can set 8 channel volume. Now its pretty simple.
If you re using a headphone :
1) move up (or remove if its already placed to enable the button apply) the slider to the top) for the two first channel
2) move to 0 (or remove if its already placed to enable the button apply) the slider of all the 6 other channel
Press Apply and now the crackling sound disappear. At least for me. You must redo that every time you reboot (not so often) or if you run SoundMax Panel
if your using Quadriphonic, 5.1or more :
Do the same with 4 ou 6 or 8 channel

It s not an so unbearable task to do. And I have been able to play and use my pc without the crackling sound.

The working holy solution
...at least for me :
I know, I know..it s strange...but what can I say..its just working. The test is simple :
Drivers 47.60 with pc speaker=> crackle / without = no crackle... simple.

I hope that this will help at least one person.

It's too bad you're having such trouble with the onboard sound. I've been running the 4580 driver for a while now and haven't had any problems.

Curious thing though, when I was running the 4570 driver, I hauled my case to my in-laws' house and hooked it up to their speakers, etc. and I experienced the crackling sound problem. I didn't have this problem with my speakers at home. I was able to get rid of the crackling sound by playing with the DTS options in soundmax. I think I disabled DTS, or the subwoofer... something like that but it made the crackling go away. It was on the soundmax tab that has options for large or small speakers that I found this.

I have since updated to the 4580 driver and like it the best. The windows bootup time is noticeably shorter with 4580. I don't have any crackling at home, but then again I never did have this problem on my home speakers.

Anyway, try playing with the DTS settings in soundmax, or try one of the non-DTS drivers found on ASUS' website. (Unless you must have DTS processing, of course.)

Here's the ftp link for the AD1988 sound chip's drivers:


Try some of the non-DTS drivers and see if that helps.


Jan 4, 2007
Thank you, after a week searching for fix...
Finally something that did work!
You may say WTF, ROFL ... how can unpluging pc speaker fix this ...
well it does...

The interesting part is that with 4570 driver the crackling disappeares just like you said by just adjusting che channels to LOW after every restart. At 4580 this doesnt work tho.... the crackling is always there :(

thanks again pepeR !!!


Nov 25, 2004
Not to be a c..k, but the x-fi series has launched a slew of new designed cards that are mid-range cost $60-$100 support hardware EAX 5.0HD, and 7.1 sound. Whats not to love there? Unless of course you hate creative.


Nov 1, 2006
Well, I for one would expect the sound to work perfectly.

This is not a budget board & I feel Asus is one of the best MB manufacturers.

So I really do think they should fix this. That being said, I knew this may be an issue and have an old Creative card to use if it becomes necessary



Nov 16, 2005
Integrated audio is something that you get "for free" but it does not actually process sound - all it does is the digital to analog conversion and vice versa. Only a real sound card like X-Fi actually process the sound - it has a processor not just a codec...


Oct 24, 2006
I can't get the drivers to install. I'm very frustrated.

I read in the newegg comments that if you disable the bit execution protection in the bios (virus protection) it will stop the crackling. Weird.


Jan 7, 2007
Disconnecting the SPEAKER pin on the MB does help the crackling a lot. But the crackling is still there. I can hear my CPU and RAM operating when I run Orthos. And when my cellphone is near the PC I can hear all kinds of weird noises. I think Asus's sound-related circuitry is just extremely vulnerable to EM interference.

I think this is what the "AFU" in AFUDOS.exe is referring to.