P5B-VM: Quiet/silent Micro ATX cooling options?


Sep 10, 2003
I'm feeling a little out-of-the-loop as I'm starting to think about buying another system. This board is sounding really good however. Does it come with stock CPU cooling, assuming that's necessary for Core 2 Duo? I'm assuming it is.

Otherwise, would someone recommend a quiet (or silent!) option for cooling the CPU on this board? I'm not planning to do much in the way of overclocking.

Thanks in advance!

PS I know there's a cooling topic, but it appears to be geared towards overclocking.


Dec 24, 2005
When you buy a motherboard, it will not have any cpu cooling parts included.
Some small form factor cases do, but that's not what you asked.

When you buy a CPU, you can either get an OEM or "tray" version that is just the chip, or you can get the retail boxed version.
The retail version includes a heat-sink-fan (HSF) in the box along with a longer warranty than the OEM version.
In the case of a Core2Duo (conroe), the stock HSF included in the box is actually pretty quiet. There are no "silent" coolers since this implies no fan.
You can buy a much larger aftermarket cooler that uses a huge fan running fairly slowly. These will naturally be even quieter than the stock fan.
I suggest you try the stock fan set-up first. It's really pretty good.