P5K premiun wi-fi ---with quad 6600(65mn) help on some settings please


Sep 20, 2008
Hi All,

after reading this review on custompc as below

""The P5K Premium WiFi-AP was one of the best-tuned P35 motherboards we've seen, coming in just behind the cheekily pre-overclocked Abit IP35 Pro in our Media Benchmarks. However, the P5K Premium WiFi-AP has the IP35 Pro down on its knees begging for mercy when it comes to comparing the two motherboards' BIOSes. For example, the P5K Premium WiFi-AP can overvolt the CPU and RAM, Northbridge, FSB and even the CPU PLL, which can help to stabilise high FSB speeds, particularly with quad-core CPUs. With such a wide range of controls, the P5K Premium WiFi-AP was the best overclocking motherboard in this Labs test, and happily ran the benchmarks stably with an FSB of 540MHz. This is a pretty incredible achievement for a motherboard costing little more than £120, although it required us to send 2V through the CPU PLL (not recommended!), 1.5V through the FSB and 1.8V through the Northbridge.""

My problem is my max FSB is 320 ( which means it runs at 2.89MHz ),ad i overclocked the ram at 1050mhz (originally 800) but everything else is on auto, such as voltage(stock is 1.4) and nothbridge voltage....everythimg is stable at this stage< but as soon as i increase the FSB, even like 325...after running test like OCCT, keep crashing....

Is there anyone can advice me which kind of value i can give to these different setting, in order to achieve CPU speed of over 3Mhz???

Maybe someone has a similar system then mine.....

any help will be much appreciate




Oct 25, 2008
Hey Franco –

VoodooDan from HP here. Like gas in a car, without more voltage you wont go any faster. I caution you that this can be the dangerous side to overclocking as too much voltage can fry components.

If your BIOS is not open to allow you to apply more voltage, you are stuck without finding an open BIOS.

Hope that helps.