Nov 11, 2008
I bought this board with no regard to overclocking, but thought I would try it out. I am running an E8400 (stepping E0) and 4GB of PC2-6400 OCZ Vista Platinum memory 2.1v, a GeForce 7950GT video card and Vista Ultimate, with just the stock heatsink and fan for the CPU. As soon as I use the Overclock profile to even change it to a 5% increase, I get a blue screen just after Windows loads. I am going to try changing my power supply to a 700watt from BestBuy (Rocketfish) not for any other reason than I can buy one from a friend for $20. Currently I am running a 420watt. Is it the Memory causing the problem? I have read that OCZ isn't the best of brands.
I have never overclocked before but I have read that people can get this CPU up to 4Ghz stable. I would think I would need a butter CPU cooler than the stock one for that, although I am running a couple of fans in the case to help pump out the warm air.
Any help would be appreciated.


Nov 28, 2008
Don't use the auto overclocking on Asus boards because it's crap, unless it's cpu level up but even cpu level up doesn't beat doing it manually.