Apr 27, 2011
Hey all,

I posted this in a reply to a thread I had started about my case swap, which is now done and dusted (but noone has replied to this next problem :)) I swapped everything over, and there was no video when I turned the machine on. So, I read that troubleshooting sticky (which is great), and reread it, went through everything - and found that changing back to my old processor did the trick.

Now, unfortunately I have this for a mobo: [...] ct=3349278

which says that it supports core 2 duo E6x00. I currently have a core2duo 2ghz, and the one I bought which I can't get to work is the intel core2 duo e6700 3.2ghz, 1066FSB which the mobo specs above seem to be OK with.

Is it possible that the problem I'm having could be because my bios needs updating to support the new processor?

I'm running revision 5.17 and I see version 5.23 [...] pv-60363-1

though I'm not even sure if that will do my board because there's so many versions of the p5lp-le (mine is leonite2). Assuming bios upgrade is the way to go (I sure hope the processor is compatible!) I can't even try the bios update - I'm running win7 and it says it will only run in vista (tried it anyway, doesn't work).

Does that make sense, that a bios updater would only run in a particular version of windows? Do I need to reinstall vista, upgrade the bios then get rid of it (vista) again?