P5N-T Or Striker II Formula for Q6x00 overclocking, your experiences!!


Feb 9, 2008
Since I need to order a 780i Chipset board here in 20 hours or so, I thought I would ask my forum brothers how well the board have over clocked! If you have Either of these two, I am especially interested in your Stable high FSBs, Bios VCore to Idle windows VCore to Loaded VCore! I'd Love to know the VDrop and droop combo!

Bios revisions.. are they super buggy, or stable?

Sli, does it work well?

Asus Load Line Calibration! Does it alleviate vdrop and droop?

Sensors! Anyone post a screen shot of HWMonitor or other sensor thick progie?

Hows the heat on the bridges? MCH and MCP?

You know, all that basic info along with your most stable and highest rated 24/7 over clock!

Thanks, ye all!!