Question P5ND Freezes


Nov 7, 2011
I have an old P5ND system with a Q9550 CPU.
The system was acting up all at once and I replaced the power supply, then the DVD drive and then the CMOS battery.
I've tested the RAM - which looks OK.
I've replaced the hard drive.
It will run various live DVDs it appears, just fine - for hours.
The CPU heatsink mounting was a bit flaky but I think that's OK now.
All the caps look good.

But, when I try to do a new install of Windows 10 Pro, it freezes.
The screen and cursor freeze. The fans continue to run.
So, I suspect something like the clock stopped.
I've not tried to overclock it.
Well, this isn't the only condition where it will freeze but it's the last one I saw.

What should I be doing now?
I have one of those plug in boards for diagnostic codes - but I usually have only used that for PCs that won't run for more than a few seconds.
Might that help?
It's still a pretty good computer really.