P5QC and a shiny new set of DDR3?


Jan 31, 2012
I'm thinking of buying this http://www.gskill.com/products.php?index=338 set of memory in order to future proof my hardware for a while, and get up to date.
However, the only motherboard I have that works with DDR3 is this ASUS P5QC, a P45... http://uk.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_775/P5QC/

Obviously, there's no mention of each other in either certified list. The only MBs the G.Skill mentions that are close to this P5QC are P55s. So my question is whether you think I'll get issues running these two pieces of kit together? I'll be upgrading to an i5 soon when I have the time and money, but for now the Q9550 and P5Q stay.
Thanks for your help!


I had a P5Q3, a little different but P45 as well and it ran OCZ 1333 and 1600 RAM like there was no tomorrow and neither of those were on the list either. One note, they were 1.65V, not 1.5 like the G.Skills.

The only RAM they put on their list is one's they have tested, and with so many RAM options and being the P5Q series is now yesteryear old, I can't imagine any more additions to the list now.

Go ahead and give her a go, you'll need the RAM in the future anyway... If it doesn't boot, at least you have one less piece to buy when you get your i5. Then you can let people know in the future when they have the same kind of problem, you'll be a trend setter :)