P5WDH Deluxe Sata/Raid Connection Confusion


Oct 24, 2006
:?: Built a few machines before but this the first time with raid, I need some help working out which drive should be connected where.
I want to use 1 seagate ST3250820AS as the boot, OS and Apps drive and 3x Seagate ST3250620AS in raid 5 for data, (using ghost to cross back up)
I currently have the 820 connected to the Sata_raid1 (near the IO ports) which works so far and planned to connect the 3 620's to the Sata1, Sata3 and Sata4 connections (haven't tried this yet)
Is this the best way to do it or is there some other way ?
Many thanks for any help, Rog
thats about all you can do....as the easy backup/raid ports only do raid 1 or 0(well it does jbod to but...)

So to clear this....

you have your OS on the connector near the heatpipe(jmicron)....
then you want 3 in raid 5 for data?

If so....yes.....you will have to make sure you set the ide config (right when you get into the bios) to raid....then reboot...use control + i (think its ctrl+i) to enter the intel raid setup(when promted)...and configure the drives...

then make sure you set the small drive as your boot driver under boot...(and set cd as the first boot device for windows :) )

that should just about do it....once windows is on get the Intel matrix storage drivers on(after all updates and drivers)...then enjoy

Also when you can use a slipstreamed cd for windows(sp2 on disk)


Oct 24, 2006
many thanks for the quick response nukemaster, I couldn't see any other way either.
The manual isn't very clear if I can boot from anywhere else and still be able to do a 3 hd raid5 config elsewhere.
I've already got windows and the apps up and running on the single drive, hopefully nothing will screw up when I add the other 3 to the intel controller (hal.dll corruptions etc)
another question,
I'm using an Antec sonata II case with the 450W psu and 120mm fan,
BFG 7600 GTOC,
4 x 250 Gb HD's,
1Gb of Crucial 533DDR2,
Win TV PVR150,
and probably adding a second 120mm fan
Do you think the PSU is going to be big enough ?

if you are worried....you can just disconnect your main drive while running the intel raid setup....but since the drive is on the jmicron...it should not be affected....

to be safe....just unplug it....setup(intel raid...give the drive a cool name too....mine is nuke :) )...power down....reboot....make sure it is still booting from the jmicron drive..... and that should be it....

getting the 120mm fan is good....as it will help to cool the drives....

As for power
I think you should be ok(what cpu? i assume core 2)...
I am running similar on the same PSU