Jan 20, 2008
I'm looking to upgrade my comp once Skyrim benchmarks are out in the next few days and will most likely be upgrading to a i5 2500k and OCing it, throwing a couple of GPU's in there and going nuts.

That's the plan at the moment at least.

However I'm undecided (and quite confused) about the type of motherboard to get.

Going by the link above the only benefit to getting a z68 board is onboard graphics, which will be redundant with dual GPU's. And SSD caching, which i wont be using.

Yet in all the build advice threads here i see pretty much everyone recommending the z68 boards.
Is there some other advantage to them over the p67 that I'm unaware of?
if not using SSD cashing or quicksink then go with a good quality p67 board.
I personally went with the z68 AS Rock Extreme3 Gen3 and love it so far, and it is very reasonably priced. For me it is an editing machine (which will do the occasional game), so quicksink is important (which is done with the onboard gpu), and SSD cashing will allow me to get a much smaller SSD, but still have my gobs of programs that I keep around; But for just gaming none of that is needed.

If I were you I would get a well reviewed MSI military class p67 mobo, the i5K, 8GB of DDR 1600, and the fastest single GPU you can afford with the intent of SLi in the future. Oh, and dont forget a proper PSU to handle that future.

Also, if not doing production work I would go AMD on the GPU as they tend to have more bang for the buck, and sip a little less power from the wall. Plus cheaper boards will xFire when they wont SLi. If you are doing production work then there is no option, CUDA is a modern necessity.

Lastly, seriously consider an SSD for at least Windows and your small programs (office and such), if not one large enough for a few games. It wont add a single frame to your FPS, but they really add a lot to the enjoyment of using your computer. I just upgraded to a nice i7 rig, and my wife's C2Duo runs circles around me when it comes to everyday tasks like checking email and listening to music. I find it irritating, but I will get my SSD all in good time.


Dec 10, 2010

for ultimate performance go with z68 :sol: :sol: :sol: