P6T Deluxe V2 build?


Feb 27, 2009
I'm looking at building a i7 920 system on a P6T Deluxe V2 board...

Two Questions:

First, What OC setting would allow me a rock solid daily use computer and a few games? I was hoping for a low to mid 3 ghz setting. I have a True 120 single fan setup in a Lian Li PC-60 Plus case.

Second, I know this board will take ddr3 1333 memory and up to 2000+ with OC'n. Could I get away with 1600 without a lot of problems? 1800? or would I be better sticking with 1333?


Dec 24, 2008
You can get rock solid overclocks at many different speeds, it just depends on the mobo. Many people have theirs running at 4.0ghz stable on the deluxe. I set mine lower because I wanted to keep my temps down, and 3.5 gave me temps I wanted to see.

You probably won't have any problems with any of those ram speeds whatever you choose, but they get much more expensive the higher you go. To get the ram to run at the appropriate speeds you multiply the BCLKxRam Multiplier, you can chose from 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 I think for multipliers. The higher speed ram will show some improvement over the 1333, but its not huge and probably not worth the price of it unless you find a good deal, like this one:

My i7 is at 3.5ghz, so my BCLK is at 175. My ram speed is set at 1404 (8x multiplier) because my ram would not run stable at 1758, which was the next speed up from 1404mhz using the 10x multiplier. Getting ram that is rated higher will allow you to run your ram faster when you overclock. Since my ram was rated at 1600, It would not go to 1758 with the timings and voltages I wanted.


Dec 23, 2008
While I can't give you any numbers yet, since I'm still waiting on backordered parts...
I have some 920's and V2 boards waiting to be put together. I purchased memory rated up to 1600 since I pretty sure I wasn't going to exceed 4Ghz on the i7. I'll let you know as soon as they are put together.