P6T overclocking issue?


Dec 24, 2008
So I overclocked my i7 920 on my P6T (non-deluxe) to 3.5 (175x20) and have my ram running at 1404 7-7-7-18 1T, they are the OCZ platinum's rated at 1600 7-7-7-24.

When I was done with my bios tweaks/overclocking I ran Prime95 for 8 hours without a blip, so I figured it was stable, temps never exceeded 75C. It has been running at this speed without a problem for about a week now.

I went to class today and forgot to turn my PC off, but I figured it wasn't a big deal. When I got back 1.5hours later, my computer was asleep; which was normal, I haven't had problems with that before. When I tried to wake it up, my computer fans, hard drive and everything powered back up, but I didn't get a video signal. I shut it down by just holding down the power button and waited 5 mins, then turned it back on and on my POST message page it said "overclocking failed". I just booted up normally at the bios settings I have had it on and it came up without any issues.

I can't decide if my OC is unstable, or if it is a bios/motherboard issue when my computer goes to sleep, which is what I think the culprit is. My computer is totally stable under 100% load and while I am gaming, but when its idle and goes to sleep, it has an unstable overclock?!? Doesn't make much sense to me.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? Does the P6T have sleep/awakening issues?



These kinds of issues are common with sleep mode. IMHO, it's more an issue with sleep mode being grafted onto Windows as an afterthought, so when you try to wake it up, everything doesn't always work right. Then, all the BIOS knows is that it didn't get shut down "properly", so it reports an "OC failure", when what it should report is a failure while OCing.