Question P7 power cable on MSI Codex 3

Apr 14, 2023
Hi Guys,
I'm trying to do little upgrade on my MSI Codex 3 gen8 PC.
My graphic card is MSI gtx 1050ti, a bit too old/slow for my needs.
I was thinking of buying gtx 3060. I need to replace psu to at least 550 so I bought MSI MAG A550BN.
And here goes the problem. In front of the desktop there is a panel with audio/usb... and power button.
I didn't notice but there is a cable going from original psu to that panel with P7 mark on 4 pin connetor.
On MAG, the only 4 pin connector is the FDD cable. I tried to connect it but it does not match.
Is there any other way to supply that panel with power. I tried to search for adapter or cable to connect with motherboard and could't find any.
H310M Pro-M2