P8P67 Deluxe HELP !!!!!!!!!


Sep 6, 2011
Not sure what to do here & not sure what suymptom is relevant so here is all thats been happening !

PC Specs that I presume relevant: P8P67 Delux, XFX HD6950 2GB GPU, i5 CPU, 16GB (4x4) G.Skill approved RAM

Over the last month or so, pc has been booting up instantly but nothing on screen, monitor would flash a couple of times & after 30 mins or so, the screen would come on

Now, firstly I know PC is on because my case is windowed, all lights on & display on mobo shows AA which is normal

I thought it was something to do with my Amp as PC is connected to amp thru HDMI then back to monitor again HDMI

tbh, Ive lived with this as I turn PC on when I get up & by time I need to use it, its all working, however, today things changed

After 2 hours, no display whatsoever thru HDMI although I could get display from mini display port to another moniter using MDP to HDMI lead but only when HDMI lead was removed from back of PC. Also, DVI from GPU direct to monitor ok, but as soon as I put HDMI lead into PC, screen goes into power saving mode

Problems havent stopped there, upon rebooting to see what happened, Im then face with an Asus screen telling me to press del to enter EFI bios settings, however, I cant, as no power to keyboard at all, in fact, pretty sure no USB power whatsoever, however, leaving everyting alone for about 3 minutes, the PC gives the startup single beep & boots just fine (still no HDMI) I get an instant warning that there is a USB device not recognised / working, then some wrning about the bluetooth module is not working but PC seems fine (other than no BT) & Im typing on it now, however, another reboot & back to same Asus screen etc..

Any ideas please ?