P8z77-v Pro boots up but no video output and no beep


Oct 26, 2012
I built my computer about 3 months ago and it was working perfectly up until today.
When I turn on the computer everything comes on, fans, leds, etc, but there is no bios beep and the monitor says "No signal output". There is no light on on the motherboard indicating that there is a problem. I tried taking out all the ram and starting up the computer and the RAM light came on and the mb beeped indicating a problem with the ram, so I know the MB is working. I also tried replacing the video cables and monitor to no avail. I tried taking out the video card and using the onboard video card, also to no avail. I then tried reseting the CMOS by the normal way and by removing the battery but it still did no work.
This is my first build so I'm clueless to what the problem can be. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I don't know if this has anything to do with the problem, but last night, after reading up on it, I decided to make a Raid 0 setup. I went into the bios and changed the SATA setup to Raid. When exiting I selected "Save Settings and Restart" but while restarting I held down the power button to shut off the computer since I was going to sleep. Could this have caused a problem?

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