Question P8Z77pro-v memory problem

Apr 1, 2019
Hello !

So , i bought my friend's pc 3 months ago. He had on this mobo 2x4gb Corsair rams , and 1x2gb ram, they all worked perfectly.
When i bought it , with exactly same rams ,we changed the case and cooler for cpu , after that motherboard detected memory problem. The problem is slot 3 & 4 doesn't want to work. I tried to place 1 stick in each slot , but still nothing. Is working only slot 1& 2.

Things i did:
Bios reset.
Bios update.
Verified bent pins.
Tried to replace cooler with old cooler , but still not working..
Not working RAM channels is often a sign of a CPU that isn't seated properly. It probably got wiggled when you pulled the old cooler off. So, pull of the cooler, raise the CPU retention lever, then without taking the CPU out of the socket, give it a gentle wiggle. Lock it back down, install the cooler making sure to tighten it down well, and start it up.

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