P965 motherboard ethernet jack...just stopped working?


Apr 23, 2007
So I was just sitting here, watching a movie on my computer. Heard a loud pop, but we were having a lightning storm so I figured it was a tree branch falling outside or something. A few minutes later, I realize my internet connection is down. I've actually narrowed it down to my computer, now, and I'm wondering if my onboard LAN is shot somehow (other computers using the same connection, such as the one I"m using right now, are fine). The two LED lights on the ethernet jack are flickering on and off, simultaneously. Every time they're off, I get the message "A network cable is unplugged." Then when they're back on, that message disappears and I get the "connected" icon in my taskbar. But it switches back to "disconnected" every second or so.

Is there any way to diagnose whether my ethernet jack is now kaput? It didn't "look" any different when I looked at the board just now.


Sep 14, 2005

start / control panel / device manager / network adapters. Open up the suspect adapter and see if it has an issue. If it does, sorry... If not start checking out the cat 5 cable, then whatever that's connected to. ie, the port on the switch / router. Use a new cat 5 and a different port.

Lightening does 'interesting' things. I like UPS's.


May 30, 2006
Could be your router that popped. Try a different jack. Also, examine the cord for scorch marks, and also check your motherboard capacitors around the ethernet jack.
Couldn't hurt to try the basics either. Try another ethernet cable, maybe the one you have is intermittent. Also try a different port in the router. Start with the basics and work to the more bizarre it saves time. As a troubleshooter try to avoid associating something you can't identify immediately as the cause of the problem to problem.