p965 ram, no games/oc


Feb 11, 2007
Haven't built anything in ~6 years so I'm way behind the tech curve but have done stacks of reading the past week so I'm catching up.

About the last thing I'm down to is RAM. I'm getting the impression it isn't like it used to be where you could pretty much stick in anything that fits so I'm posting for this last important piece.

I'm putting together an e6600/p965 platinum mb and have settled on 2 x 1G RAM for it. I'll be running linux, playing no games and not looking to do any overclocking.

The Corsair site shows a PC6400 2 x 1G but from reading reviews this kind of RAM is for ppl way more serious than me. It's $240 at newegg but know I can do much better on price for my needs but don't know what I'm looking for.

I don't understand the voltage thing because the MSI site says "1.8V" but a lot of the RAM I see on newegg is 1.9V, 2.xV, etc. so I'm a bit lost if I should be concerned about this. And if MSI doesn't specifically state a mfgr like Patriot, does that mean I shouldn't even think about using Patriot (or any unlisted mfgr)?

I just want plain ol' RAM that will be plenty fast and reliable but not pay for high-precision RAM meant for overclocking and the like.


Jan 19, 2007
If you aren`t ocing then i would reccomend the kingston ddr-667mhz value pack. Don`t really worry about that voltages. In the msi bios you can easily put the desired ram voltage. 1.8v is the default into the bios.