Question Packaging Chrome MSI Installer

Feb 7, 2020
Hello all, I'm not even sure if I got my wording right on the title. I'm trying to create a custom chrome.msi installer. I'd like to disable couple of things such as the payment method feature.

Where do I start?

Thank you.
You don’t. Good luck getting all the required distribution files—Let alone knowing where to put everything. And what gets registered and what ends up in the registry etc. etc.

Basically if you have to ask you’re not going to be able to do it. Do you know anything about making installers? What installer tools have you used?

you can download their standalone MSI based upon what you know and what tools you have there might be something you can do but anyway you can install it on a test machine and set all your settings and see if there are any registry changes so you’ll need a scanner to scan the system before and after the install and after again when you’ve made your settings changes

Then you could write a little batch file which set those registry settings to what they were supposed to be.

Here’s an example on installing it silently and disabling the update

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