Packard Bell Scanner Diamond 2400 plus Windows Vista


Oct 20, 2011

All this link does is to take you to Hardware Helper which I have already done & paid £34.95 for an alleged driver for the Packard Bell Diamond 2400 Plus Scanner. Instead it supposedly updated 12 drivers during which the computer "Locked Up" twice & had to restart it. My scanner still does NOT work with Vista but is fine with XP on my other laptop. When it took me to the Hardware Helper for the second time it scanned the computer again & allegedly found another 22 drivers to update. As I have already paid for a years subscription I entered my account details to get these 22 updates & the number was not recognised so it asked me to pay AGAIN, no no no, once bitten, not again, I’m not that stupid. ITS A TOTAL RIP OFF. BEWARE OF THIS SITE "HARDWARE HELPER". I then tried “DRIVER DETECTIVE” & the same old scam, it scanned the computer & low & behold it came up with 16 out of date drivers & 6 devises without ANY DRIVERS!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS ALSO A TOTAL RIP OFF, SO BEWARE OF THESE SITES. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Did not realize it was another of those driver scam sites. Thanks for the update, so others will know. Well, if packard bell does not have it, it doesn't exist !