Packet Loss and Router suggestions


Jan 30, 2012
For the past few days i have been having problems with my ping jumping around alot when i play games such as BF3 on PC and cod4 on PC plus whenever i am on xbox live i get kicked out of parties alot. Today i ran a test on and it showed 0% packet loss and 1ms jitter so i thought my isp had fixed my issue after i had called them about it a few days ago. So i hopped on some cod4 and low and behold the issue is still their. Then i ran the winmtr program for about 15 min and it showed 80% packet loss. When i plugged my other laptop straight into the modem it showed 0-1% packet loss. Can i assume this is a router issue? and can anyone suggest a good gaming router? i current have the netgear WNRL3500 its about a year old.