Question Packet loss at first 2 hops

Mar 26, 2020
so you local network/modem/router having issue?
I've tried resetting both the modem and router and no changes. I've has issues with this in the past and my isp sent a person in the replace the modem about a month ago so it should be working fine


You should check the bandwidth usage in your router. traceroutes dont narrow down where the issue is. traceroute does a few pings to each ip that it knows is part of the route. so if it's not consistently going up to the destination then your results aren't indicative of much besides congestion somewhere. ISP keep their pipes clean for the most part. id check your own bandwidth usage or any weak links in your local network.

you need to test more to draw any conclusions. when you have no packet loss at the last few that also means you dont have packet loss at the first few. you shouldn't be seeing any packet loss to the first one. thats a sign that something is congested or not working locally. it's also odd the latency didn't jump significantly.

I'd recommend using iperf3 and test your local lan speeds against a machine that is wired 1Gbs. anything else wired should be getting 900+ Mbs. more detail of your local setup too. wifi, mesh, wired, powerline, etc.
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You need to do some more detailed testing. Running actual pings in mulitple windows to all the hops tends to give you better results and can run longer than pingplot.

You actually DO have loss to the end node at 2.5%.

Yours is a little more complex because you have actual loss. Many times these intermediate nodes get loss but it means nothing other than the router was too busy passing actual traffic to nodes up the chain rather than bother with your test traffic.

The example would be hop6 in your trace. If it really had 100% loss at that your traffic would never get past the router and you would never get any response from the node past it.

In any case you need to do much better testing. Loss to hop 1 if it is real means you have a issue with your PC or your router. Most times this is someone running on a Wifi connection which is very common to see packet loss on.