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Question Packet Loss Help?

Oct 6, 2019
hi recently ive noticed ive been getting packet loss in CS;GO 5-15%. Ive rebooted my router, changed ethernet ports (2 cables through the wall) unplugged all other devices on the router, then i ran another ethernet cable direct from the router to my pc and still packet loss.

if i ping my default gateway i get no packet loss. but ping google.com or im seeing 15-20% packet loss consistently

Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 22, Received = 18, Lost = 4 (18% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 24ms, Maximum = 25ms, Average = 24ms

could this be a network congestion issue (outside of my house, as its a sunday at 8-9pm this would be peak use)

is there anything else i could try ?
network congestion usually results in ping spikes rather than packet loss

depending on the technology used, I'd guess it's a line issue outside your house. a defective clamping unit or a corrosive collocation point. your ISP should check your line.
I agree with the above it is not likely traffic related. You will see loss but you will also see a much larger latency when it is load related.

Your ISP will attempt to blame everyone but themselves. What you want to do is run a tracert to say Next you want to show them that you run 2 continuous pings one to your router gateway and one to hop2 in the trace. Hop 2 should be the first ISP router and represents the connection between your house and the ISP. It is the most common place for problems. You want to show that you get no loss to your router, which means your pc and router are fine but you see loss to their router. That way they can't try to blame the google server if you only ping the end node.