Question Packet Loss (I Assume) and Online games (Primarily Guild Wars 2)


Sep 1, 2021
So I really want to get into Gw2 but over the years my isp (who is pretty pretty crappy) supplies us with modems (DSL) that are junk, and/or they are junk...provider. And sadly thats all this rural area has. So my question is , I "think" my disconnects with Gw2 (my entire net goes down, and others does too, via reddit,etc) are caused by my wireless connection being unstable also. Or both?? So I'm trying a wired connection, which as we all know is typically the way to go. That said, should I try Gw2 and other games causing this? Or am I just trying for no good reason?

WoW, CoD, and other games in my 18 year history with this ISP doesn't cause this problem. To Be Honest its been mostly MMO's, mainly Guild Wars 2.

Any tips would be helpful. Like I said tho, this is "common" for crappy modems, from what I've read on Gw2 forums, reddit, and youtube. They say its packet if so I'm wondering what this ethernet connection will do for me, if anything.