Question Packet loss issues on fiber internet

Jul 26, 2019
A few months ago, my ISP had to fix a line where a tree fell on it close to my house. Since they "repaired" that line I have a constant 5-10% packet loss issue that spikes to nearly 30-40% at the worst times. It is always worse after maybe 7pm. I have had multiple technicians come out and they say it's fine because it would not happen early in the morning when they came out, but now the problem has gotten so bad it happens at all times of the day. At this point I have a constant 7% packet loss with major spikes during the evening and night. If I do a ping test, it looks like someone's pulse monitor during a heart attack it is that bad. I have another tech coming soon and I wanted to have something to tell him because, to be honest, they seem quite clueless. I have winMTR logs if that will help.