Question Packet Loss on only one device ?


Sep 2, 2018
Recently I've been getting consistent unbearable spikes in packet loss on my PC. Sometimes the spike will linger for an hour, sometimes just a moment, but it reliably occurs throughout the day. This does not occur on any other device on the network. I ran tests via on both my PC and other devices, only my PC records any packet loss whatsoever. I am currently using a wired ethernet connection to a wireless range extender, however the problem persists when I connect directly to the router as well. Occasionally my PC will completely lose connection to the network. When I then run network troubleshooter I get the error "Ethernet has no valid IP configuration" and/or "The default gateway is not available", however after waiting some time (<5 minutes), connection restores automatically (but usually still with packet loss).

The devices involved:
Router: NetGear R6400v2
Motherboard: ASUS H110M-A
Extender: Linksys RE4100W

Solutions I've tried off the top of my head:
  • Powercycling all involved devices
  • Installing new NIC card
  • Replacing ethernet cable
  • Restoring wireless adapter/router to factory settings
  • Updating ethernet adapters and router
  • Resetting IP config and flushing DNS through cmd prompt
  • McAfee anti-virus checks
  • Using Task Manager/Resource Manager to monitor network processes (there is no unusual activity)
  • Made sure ip and dns were obtained automatically rather than assigned by me
This exact setup has served me well for years without issue. I'll be happy to provide anymore info where I can. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
You might be able to tell from messages in the event viewer but do you know if the interface is actually going disconnected or if you just lose the IP addresses.

Does it stay broken long enough that you can use the IPCONFIG command and see if the ethernet port is in a disconnected status.

I would do all your testing with a direct connection to the router. It would be extremely common for a wifi extender to have wireless issues and drop the connection between the extender and the router. Everything would more or less look fine on your pc it just would not work.

If the port is going disconnected it is some kind of hardware issue, most times it is a cable. Be very sure any cable you are using is a quality ethernet cable. There are massive amounts of the fake flat cable being sold.
It doesn't have to be anything fancy normal cat5e is fine but it must be pure copper wire (no CCA) and have wire size 22-24 (no flat or thin cables).

If the port does not go disconnect then it is some software thing. It could still be a hardware issue with the port but it is unlikely. I would try to manually set the IP address and DNS. Mostly this is to eliminate the DHCP server on the router as the problem.
I would also disable IPv6 support just because it causes strange issue but I don't think it is your direct problem.