Question Packet loss + ping spikes

Jun 15, 2019
This is roughly my third time making a forum post asking for help because I'm so desperate at this point. I play Counter-Strike:Global Offensive competitively, very competitively to the point where I'm making money off the game and I'd like to go pro but I can't with this issue. I don't understand anything about networking really but I know that randomly while playing my ping will just spike to 400+ and I'll get 70+ packet loss and 25% or so choke.

I've had a similar issue in the past but it just kind of went away one day but it always returns right before the next season of the competitive league I play starts. I'm unable to use ethernet because my step dad is obsessive and believes if it's moved in any way he won't get as fast as internet to watch his TV shows.

I've been told that I'm always going to get these spikes and that they're unavoidable as long as I play on Wi-Fi, my teammate and good friend plays on Wi-Fi and does not have these ping spikes or any trouble at all with his. The season is about to start and I'm worried it won't be fixed before it does, if that happens and I have one of my spikes in the middle of an important round and we lose I will for sure be kicked off the team, my teammates get mad at me and yell at me and tell me to fix it but I'm so clueless I seriously need help with this.

Here's a screenshot of my net graph in game when it happens. | During this time I cannot move my character. Please someone help I'm losing my mind over here. Also the choke only happens on occasion it's not always when I get one of these spikes that I get choke. Also here's a screenshot of my speedtest benchmark.
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Right, now, we're going to need a little more information. Please list your specs like so:
OS: include version if you're on Windows 10

Check and see which BIOS version you're on for your motherboard. If you have updates pending, make sure you've gradually worked your way to the latest version. To add, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your networking drivers, given how you're working with wireless, what is your intermediary with the PC and ISP? ISP's router or your own router? If the latter, make sure it's on the latest firmware update.