[SOLVED] Packet loss/Ping spikes

May 7, 2020
Since some time im getting huge packet loss. Around 20%. Also ping spikes from 30 to 300. Did those cmd ping tests. No problem to my router. But any other website ip4 or ip6 im getting pretty many timeout error. What can i do to fix this.

Its also the only pc in the network with this problem. all other 2 are working fine. Tried a laptop at the same lan outlet and works fine too. Which hardware in my pc can be the problem?
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Bios is extremely simple when it comes to ethernet ports. It at most has feature related to speed and duplex.

The key indicator you do not have a hardware problem is you do not get ping spikes to your router. A hardware issue would show issues to both. Since other pc are not affect it means it not the router or other equipment.

This leaves the software. BUT you have now eliminated that with the linux boot.

This means you must start over and do more careful testing to find out where this problem is hiding since you have eliminated all sources.

Note packet loss is very different than ping spike/packet delay. A physical ethernet cable for example can get packet loss but never packet delay.
Uninstalled my Ethernet chip via device manager. The standard Microsoft driver you get after restarting fixed my problem.
This solution doesn't make sense since the driver in linux isn't windows at all so shouldn't have had any issues like the windows driver. I wouldn't be surprised if this 'fix' stops working because if you did the linux test correctly, you have a bad nic.