Question Packet Loss when gaming, and slow Oculus downloads ?


Oct 10, 2013
Hi All,

I'm considering switching away from Sky Broadband but I'd like to use the forum to try and have one last chance at resolving this issue that has plagued me all year. I seem to be getting quite a bit of packet loss when gaming and I get really slow downloads on my oculus quest 2 when updating or downloading from the quest store. This issue started occurring at the start of the year and I've even had my hub replaced along with switching all of my cables.

Packet Loss/My Setup

I currently use my pc which is wired to the Sky Broadband Hub. I normally have the ping and packet loss statistics open on every game and I've never had an issue with this before to the point where the game is pointing out that I have a network issue. Could somebody help me with some troubleshooting steps or things that I can post here to help identify the issue? (I've tried resetting the hub and ensuring that my PC was the only connected device)

PingPlotter to Valorant Server -
PingPlotter to R6 Siege Server -
Router Stats -

Slow Quest 2 Downloads

My Quest 2 download speed has drastically changed where a game that is 1gb is now taking 5 or 6 hours to download which isn't usual. I live in a small flat where I'm right next to the hub with no other wireless devices connected but I see this issue. As soon as I switch to my mobile 4g hotspot then the issue disappears and I get faster downloads. Please let me know what I can provide here to demonstrate the issue.

Here's a download of a game on the oculus via my broadband -
Here's a download of a game on the oculus via my mobile hotspot -

Please let me know what other evidence I can provide to help you diagnose this issue for me

Edit: Replaced the links to show the pingplotter stats more clearly.
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