Question Page Fault In Non Paged Area On Startup Windows 10

Jul 30, 2021
Hi there,

I recently "upgraded" my cpu, changed it myself. On first boot it "successfully installed" and allowed me to boot into BIOS. I "optimized default settings", smooth sailing.
Recently I've been having issues with the windows BSOD on boot up, it says "Page Fault In Non Paged Area". I thought it was a one off event since I swapped to a new CPU. However, now every time I'm restarting or turning my computer on from being off, that happens. A lot. The odd part is, once I'm actually in windows using my pc it's perfectly fine. I can have it on for days, do everything I normally do and no errors or freezes or crashes, ect. I don't see any missing files or programs or anything like that and everything works proper. I use it for work, gaming, browsing, and some bitcoin mining.

So I'm reaching out here for some help. I am not a computer guy, I have a basic level of understanding.

Here are some things I have done according to some google searches:
-loaded optimized defaults in bios and removed any overclocks
-scanned with microsoft antivirus
-deleted some unnecessary programs
-ran disk file checker, windows file checker- no reports of errors.
-"trimmed" the SSD
-ran disk cleanup
-SFC /scannow to help repair any windows files
-Windows Memtest (pass)
-Reseated pretty much every component
-Checked devices for outdated drivers

Here are the computer specs using the CPU-Z software:
CPU- Intel core i7 3770
Motherboard- Asus p8h67-m pro (has the most recent BIOS available according to ASUS website)
RAM- 16GB DDR3 @ 1333mhz by Kingston
GPU- AMD RX 470 4gb
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500GB.
Currently using Windows 10 Pro

Any help would be appreciated. It's super frustrating and happens almost every time on boot up- system posts fine every time. If you need more info I'd have to be "guided" on how to get it for you but I'd be happy to share.
Thanks again,
Jul 30, 2021
Thanks but for right now I was suggested to reset my CMOS which I have done. I will see how the CPU performs over the next few restarts/shutdowns. I will keep you posted on what happens!