Paged memory is still running!!


Oct 21, 2009
i have disabled my pagefile so that windows will allow me to use my ram instead of my hard drive.
but i have come to realize that i am still running paged memory.

i have been googling fo days now on this subject and i cannot find anything except that it is a myth...

to be clear what i want is to use 100% ram without having the data paged to my HDD

is there a regedit for this?

i have win xp pro on a precision 670 with 4gb of ram (ecc) and 2 physical dualcore xeon processors

hkey_local_machine/system/current control set/control/session manager/memory management... is where i think the solution will be, anyone know the values for these options?


Apr 21, 2008
You will run into problems with out the page file. Some programs still get cranky if there isn't one. Certain games won't even work without a small page file, Sacred 2 for example.

Best just to leave it system managed, or about one to two times your physical memory. The page file won't be used unless a program requires it. And you won't notice a difference in performance, i've tried it on and off. Turned it back on due to the above issues.

I have 8gb of physical memory, my page file is set to system managed, and the system is using about 300mb of page file.

If i remember right, the page file is also used for memory dumps when programs or your computer crashes. Without it you can lose info. Someone please confirm or correct this assumption.

Either way, you should leave the page file on.


Feb 28, 2009
With 16 GB of physical memory, i usuallly leave a FIXED size of 1GB for the pagefile ( on a seperate HDD if possible )....Server 2003 x64 and XP x64 recommends ~700MB for memory dumps and logs ( via a pop-up when you try to disable ). Although I can dual-boot 2008 R2 ( read win7 ), I usually don't, so I can't really comment there ( no viable server software written for it, and I can't get over the bloat quite yet....).


Aug 27, 2006
There also isn't a visible performance hit if you have a page file. Even on XP, RAM is still favored over page file. As Lucius indicated, some applications expect the page file and may crash or not run if there isn't any.